My candy love episode 28 lysander walkthrough

All i know is my candy love and breathing absolutely awkward blog dedicated to mcl. If you love lysander then do not be a bitch and diss rosa, let her get back with leigh and if you really like the cute salesguy then go for him in the episode replay. So far nat is 1st and castiel is 2nd, leaving kentin in 3rd honestly, i think hes sweet and the outfit my candy uses for the afterschool date with him is pretty cute. He was only with me for 8 years, but in that time he went through 4 moves with me, he was there with me when i got accepted into vet school, and he graciously begrudgingly. My candy love episode 6 walkthrough lysander, castiel, nathaniel, leigh. Episode 1 nathaniel a new high school my candy love. I go to the garden and then back to the courtyard to find the love of my life kneeling standing there looking adorable in a tuxedo suit, holding a tiffany box all badass and stuff.

Discover new episodes regularly and meet the students at sweet amoris high school. Hes got way too much going on and way too big of an opportunity to pass up for a baby. You were sitting on the mahogany desk with your legs wrapped around nathaniels torso. With my candy love, flirt with the guys you like and live a true love story. I dont claim any ownership over the images or the game my candy love or amour sucre, ownership belongs to chinomiko.

Castiel dake it starts off with you coming back from episode 10. Then once you pick castiels outfit, he pushes you away and tells you to mind your own business. Im not holding my breath for that one i go find lysanders notebook on the bench in the courtyard and return it to him. You knew that melody had a crush on nathaniel, and kissing him in fr. Jan 18, 2014 a lot of ap now, on to the walkthrough. Depending on how you do on the test there are three different gifts from the fairy in episode 10, if you fail a book that goes on your head, if you pass a graduation hat and if you get a prefect score a golden graduation hat. The game revolves around a high school girl, whose looks and name are completely up to a registered user, who has just moved to a new town. An almost perfect dinner my candy love wiki fandom. Lysanders foul mood, a my candy love fanfic fanfiction. Heres hoping that episode 5 walkthrough was helpful, and if it was, here is episode 6 with a new, completely stupid story line. This is where i list the amount of times i have played an episode. Roller coaster of love is the 27th episode of my candy love high school life. By the way, episode four might take longer since i absolutely hate it. She yells at me to find her stupid little dog, and of course my candy.

Castiel believed that lysander was still upset with him. You need 100 lom or higher to get the illustration. Waste my precious aps you evil heartless cruel piece of amour sucre highschool. Too boring so im walking in the hallway and it looks like the principals on her medication again. The main thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing. My candy love and eldarya illustrations and guides. Actually, everything would be almost like before if castiel would decide to come back to school. Ohhhhh my godddd not to be dramatic but like this is probably the worst thing that can happen right now lmao. It is still following your original candy avatar as a working adult living with a chosen love interest ul love interests only. As soon as i found the right result, this page will be updated. Episode 2 castiel walkthrough my candy love walkthroughs. My candy looks like shes ready to lick that lollipop yell. Feb 25, 2016 i dont claim any ownership over the images or the game my candy love or amour sucre, ownership belongs to chinomiko.

And, there is a way to get the purty ring, just buy it from the jewelry store when rosa asks you to look for it, then go give it to her and you can get it back in episode 7. My candy love episode 18 castiel walkthrough this episode is adorable. Im going to rewrite each university life episode as if on lysander s route. One with lysander, one with armin, one with kentin. My candy love, a game of love and flirting for girls. One with nathaniel, one with castiel, one with lysander, one with armin, one with kentin. If the episode is in red, that means i have met the fairy at least once while playing it. I am an avid my candy love player and fanatic, and because i get along with the guys and am always helping people with what to say in the forumspms, i decided to open a blog for everyone instead of just my friends and people. He had yet to even see castiel, let alone speak to his best friend. But the obsessive part rubbed some parts of the fandom the wrong way as nina would insult your candy and her relationship with lysander constantly, if she felt candy was a threat to their love. Go home with lysander castiel nathaniel armin kentin. Love the love of art an almost perfect dinner is the 28th episode of my candy love high school life and the 28th episode over all 29th if you count the demo. Apr 10, 2014 my candy love castiel episode 4 guide april 10, 2014 by a note. Im debating whether i should start the episode 6 castiel walkthrough now or wait until the bug with getting leigh and rosa back together is fixed.

Can anyone let me know on the ask me page if theyve been able to play through the episode yet without having the end being you tried to steal leigh, even when you didnt. Mar 09, 2014 this is where i list the amount of times i have played an episode. You can only get one per playthrough with whichever guy youre dating. Dec 17, 2014 if youve read my about me section, then youve seen the picture of my precious kitty. While kissing him, the two of you didnt notice the door opening. It has been a week since deborah has left, and things are getting back to normal. I had the best of intentions, but that silly little thing called life tends to sneak up on you. My candy love walkthrough how to make any twit fall in.

Your curiosity gets the best of you when you are with lysander. Ive been working on this stupid thing for six and a half hours, but a lot of people have been giving out answers while im fucking up so ill just confirm those answers later on tonight. The player meets a growing cast of characters, and can befriend and flirt with the boys at sweet amoris high. As i stated in my last headcanons about candy having a 2 year old daughter, the last thing castiel would want or need is a freaking child. My candy love walkthrough episode 1 mycandylovewalkthroughs. You need to play at least three times to get them all. I heard that if he really likes you he gets really passiveaggressive with the other guys though your candy doesnt realize it but if he doesnt like you a lot hes like a fanboy planning to get you and the other guy together.

Episode 3 castiel walkthrough my candy love walkthroughs. However, the game is popular enough as after a 20 episode run, a third sequel called my candy love. My candy love guide walkthrough, will help you get the guy you want, or help you reject him competely. Jul 31, 2014 my candy love episode 8 notes before going on to the walkthrough. Mar 27, 2014 my candy love episode 5 nathaniel walkthrough. Apparently, her mother is depressed and recently was in the hospital because her father left the family. My candy love episode 6 walkthrough lysander, castiel. Poor melody stood there, holding papers, looking awkward and a bit hurt. Other sites of usefulness oracle translator episode guides.

My candy love episode 9 nathaniel walkthrough i am being. My candy love episode 9 nathaniel walkthrough i am. My candy love blog dedicated to all of the sweet, hilarious, and disturbing things that these boys say on an episodic basis. Hey this is azura, i wanted to say i dont do this normally, but since a friend who goes by akazukinn was having trouble with episode 4 with castiel, i decided id go and make a guide for her. Nov 21, 2015 i dont claim any ownership over the images or the game my candy love or amour sucre, ownership belongs to chinomiko. Sep 17, 2014 kim, violet, or lysanderi love you violet, but i have to go with lysander. I need help with lysander in episode 8 but i dont know how to study with him and the guide says im supposed to the guy i have the highest affinity with. Nathaniel you and nathaniel were sharing a heated, passionate kiss in the student council room. And if you find this useful, please consider tipping through kofi or the donate button on my website. My candy love fanfiction archive with over 1,006 stories. It was rather distressing as erin knew he only missed school if he felt he had to.

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